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In the mix with the Argentine Fans

Day 7, and the World Cup has been magical for me and I intend to make the best of this month. For me its the Ultimate. The Fans, the vibe and obviusly the game. On Day 7,the Argentines were too good to resist and obviously the thought of watching Lionel Messi was too appealing. No Tickets but we thought we would try our luck anyway.A CAT 4 outside the stadium. And well we got lucky. Myself and Moe got in and it was freaking awesome.
I must admit in a week the Vuvuzelas are getting to me. Its like a disturbed hornets nest. Throughout the week I have spoken to Fans from all ove rthe World and even on You Tube, many seem to hate the Vuvuzela.
To me World Cup is about culture and with the Vuvuzela you cant seem to hear the songs and chants of the countries. It is getting to me after week one.
Nevertherless I ended up inside Soccer City and it was incredible.Messi makes the game look so simple.Great also to see guys ike Tevez,Macherano and Higuain.Again amazing. Toward the end of the game I worked my way toward the Argentinian dancing in the crowds.The Chanting,The Drums and the Argies.Argentina ad Higuain put on a show as the Argies ran out 4-1 winners.Truely memmorable on and off the pitch.And the Argentina Fans were sublime...erm and so were the Korean Fans

Argentina vs Korea. Soccer City was amazing

My first Argentina game. Everything I expected

Argentine fans were incredibly vocal fans. A great vibe and atmosphere



I met up with my man on the scene Ebie Ahmed who shared his views and pics and vids

MAN ON THE SCENE...Ebrahim Ahmed

We were treated today to arguably the best game of the WORLD CUP thus far!
Gonzalo Gerardo "El Pipita" HiguaĆ­n scored a Hat-Trick and was supplied by none other than Argentina Star Player Lionel Messi playing incredibly in this match to by assisting in the three Goals which brings back memories of Diego Maradona After the match Maradona ran out of superlatives in his praise of the 22 year-old's ability. "I want Messi to be very close to the ball. As long as he has fun, then we are all going to have fun," Maradona said.
"Football wouldn't be beautiful unless Messi is touching the ball all the time. He performed magic today on the pitch."
More to follow...

Argentina vs South Korea‎, Argentina National Anthem World Cup 2010

Argentina vs South Korea‎, South Korea‎ National Anthem World Cup 2010

Argentina vs South Korea‎, 1st goal from free kick, World Cup 2010

Argentina vs South Korea‎, Post Match, Sandton Square, World Cup 2010

Ive done the Park And Walks,The Park and Rides and I must say the RIA VIA is Tops.Parked my car in Fordsburg.Myself and Mo walked to Westgate.Ten minutes tops with the fans.Watched the game and ten minutes back.Fantastic and Highly recomended.Its the way to go really if they are not on strike.
Im impressed really

It was a bruising week but action packed all the way and I said to the lads that we head back to Sandton and have a nice supper. We relaxed..Chilled out,gathered some energy and awaited the result of the Mexico vs France game.Being optimistic a draw would have been perfect for Bafana Bafana. The French under Domenech are crap and good to see Mexico Win.At least the Mexicans will be around more longer. For Bafana its bad news. Uraguay must lose heaviy and we have to thump the French.An I correct?
With that being said well we kept up the Foreign relations and well met some more fans.....Babo Babo Argentina.

In another shock result the Greeks beat Nigeria and the Super Eagles are on they way out. Unless they beat Korea,Greece lose to Argentina and its all about goal difference or do they take head to head

Monday, January 3, 2011


Ebie and Waseem  at a freezing Loftus Versveld

DAY 6.....Youth day in South Africa, a public holiday and a big day for Bafana Bafana. Secound round of group A and against Uraguay or Diego Forlan and Suarez. The nation awaited,we awaited this night and were expecting the result.After Mexico we believed.It was freezing cold in Gauteng and the lads decided that we take the Metro Rail to Pretoria.

Patriotic South Africans en route to Pretoria.

The Metro rail stops of outside Loftus Stadium
The vibe in the train was sublime,Bafana Bafana fans dancing and anticipating the massive night in Pretoria. The train journey really enabled us to feel the atmosphere and the passion. Everyone was clad in South African Colours. And ofcourse we would avoid traffic to Pretoria. Beside the Train was different and something we have never tried. Also being with the lads was extra special.
Every once in a while fans would dance and chant and move from Coach to Coach.See video below

Shazo,Moe,Saffiya,Killa,Myself,Faaiz Oz and Joey made the trip

We arrived at about 7:pm and the streets en route to the stadium was Yellow and Green. We fancied our chance against the Uruguians. It was agin freezing cold. I wondered what the celebrations would feel like in Pretoria if we beat Uruguay. Game on!Fans were waving their flag and blowing their vuvuzelas

Only problem was that a few of us had no match tickets.It was freezing in the streets of Hatfield. So we were not so fortunate. Ticket punters were asking too much for category fours and we could come across any.Oz and Mo went in and well myself,Swaar,Killa and Shazo watched it in a bar in Hatfield.
We had to get in to the bar. The streets were so cold. Ad well ofocourse in the Bar everything was proudly South African
Ebie Ahmed was in there and got the pics and vids. The streets of Hatfield were rocking.

Fantastic atmosphere in a freezing Loftus

streets of hatfield ,evern though it was cold
We travelled far in the cold and the nation jolted when Forlan scored a cracker. Next thing we down 3-0 and down to ten men.Misery,cold and a hearltess performance. A nation mourned.
I mean if we lose lets lose with heart. We were poor, We lacked something, We didnt deserve to win honestly.We were outplayed.
Fans were gutted.We didnt even show up.Perriera plays a 4-5-1. I cant understand. No excuses. A cold miserable night, I felt let down.We didnt put up a fight.I expected so much after Mexico.Now it will take a miracle if the Mexico France result doesnt go according to plan. It was cold, we had a long drive as news filtered in that the Metro rail was stuck as there was no electricity.We hired a taxi and I got home,had a piping shower to defrost or thaw out and thats football.Thats how it goes.But the host nation was on the brink of an exit.





Moe though had a top seat.With the Springboks.right next to the Springboks.Pierre Spies.........and Os Du Randt

In the END though as we dorve home we all braced ourselves for the reality that South Africa would be eliminated from 2010 in the group stages. The disappointment was too much to bare

In Nelspruits Mombela stadium Chile were synonymous to the African Wild and Hot Mpumelanga province. The rest of SA was bitterly cold and well Nelspruit was like Durban. Chile beat the Hondurans 1-0

And in the afternoon game we recieve a shocker as news filtered in that the Favourites, the Spanish and their super squad lost 1-0 to Switzerland. Was this a World Cup of upsets. What if Spain didnt qualify. You start thinking that anything could happen.........
Zak Loonat was the man on the scene in Durbz that captured the footage for us and although he and many Spanish fans were disappointed, the Spanish Armada kicked off their 2010 Campaign in sunny Durban

Moses Mabida before kick off as fans enter the stadium

The Swiss were patriotic

And Zak met the Spaniards

Couldnt wait to see this in South Africa

Fantastic atmosphere at the Moses Mabida stadium in Durban


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Thursday, December 30, 2010


A pic of Manolo I think. The brazilian fan that we have seen on TV so many World Cups before.

Day 5........Frrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeezing Cold in JHB.I MEAN FRRRRRRRREEEEEEZING.At least for me.
Tomorow being a public holiday everyone was gearing up for the Brazillians to make their debut against North Korea.Samba in the cold.I bailed out on Moe and Oz and so did Killa.We went to Sandton.Saw 3D technology in Sandton Square.Did some business from Melrose Arch to Sandton.Met some fans..Ready to party Hondurans...learnt about Honduras and myslef and Killa had a nice supper and headed home to regroup for the big one in Loftus against Uraguay.Moe and Oz braved the freezing cold in perhaps  one of the coldest nights of the World Cup.
Mo and Oz headed to Ellis Park. Trust our guys to find the creators.The Chap above is the main fan of the Brazillian supporters.Im sure you recognise him. They witnessed a fight between rival Brazilian supporters Corinthians and Sao Paulo. Brazil beat the Koreans 2-1. And I say again it was COOOOLLLD. Im sure Brazil were happy to get a victory in a tricky cold tie. But anything less would have been a tragedy.

Rival Brazilian fans in a brawl at Ellis Park
A freezing cold night at Ellis Park

The Boys with Brazilian Fans

Faaiz and Moe with another Big Brazilian Fan


I met some crazy Honduran Fans in Sandton Square where we watched 3D TV at the SONY Dome
Earlier in the day New Zealand took on Slovakia in Rustenburg and drew 1-1
New Zealand clashed with the Slovaks

And then in Port Elizabeth the Portuguese took on Ivory Coast in the group of death. South Africa has a huge Portuguese following and of course Christiano Ronaldo was a big draw card. At the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium . They both drew 0-0 and with Brazil in the group that game in Durban was Huge. But for many in Port Elizebeth it must have been sublime to see the Portuguese Fans in full cry.

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The SEA OF ORANGE finally comes to SA

Ebie Ahmed was the  Man on the Scene in the game between Holand and Denmmark and describes the sea of orange as fantastic and great to be a part of. The Dutch ran out 2-0 winners at Soccer City with goals from Dirk kuyt and an own goal from Denmark. Good three points by the Dutch and although the Dutch Fans I spoke too at Melrose Arch said that it wasnt all that convinving the Dutch are happy and have arrived. I couldnt go to this game because my Dad and Sister went which meant I had to cover for my dad at work. But at noon I escaped and walked to the Ria Via. It was then that I learnt that the Ria Via Bus system was on Strike. Can you believe this We are hosting the 2010 World Cup and our Bus System was on strike. I was disappointed. Ah well I would get to watch Holland later I hoped.

The baron Rya Via station in West Street Johannesburg
Dutch Fans

Danish Fans

Ebie was on hand to capture the footage




My four year old nephew Raiha Mayet before battle against Paraguay. Had to make him Azurri quickly


Monday Night and it was cold. Myself, Moe and Oz went to Melrose Arch on a freezing night to watch my team the Italians. It was cold. My uncle phoned me from Cape Town and it was equally cold and raining. Myself and Moe were nervous as we supported Italy. Oz was just there to make our lives difficult. It was our first game at the Melrose Fan Zone and it was electric. So many different Fans from different countries were there.

A packed fan zone at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg

A packed fan zone at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg
Talking to some Dutch Fans after they beat Denmark

Whats a night without the Brazilians


It was a decent line up by Lippi but still theres something missing.
When we went one down I thought here it goes. Although Italy were not impressive they got their equaliser and I thought pushed on rather well. Danielle De Rossi to the rescue after a goalkeeping error and well we were lucky to escape with a point. Off to New Zealand now and well.

Danielle De Rossi saves Italy against Paraguay
I thought Italy lacked punch upfront and Montolivio and Pepe were the outstanding players on the pitch. As for the goal...Cannavaro and Chielini beaten in the air....Thats worrying. Also worrying is the injury sustained by Gigi Buffon.Its certain that he will miss the game agains new Zealand. Did I know what was in store for Italy in 2010. I certainly did not. On the Way home Oz blasted myself and Moe. As we drove back home we could feel the freezing coldin Johannesburg setting in.Yip it was cold. And Tuesday Night was a game for us at Ellis Park and the SAMBA was on stage. Tuesday was gonna be superb

Forza Azurri
To Nelspruit we Hunt

In the other game in Boemfontein Cameroon who have never lost an opening game in the World Cup were shocked by the Japanese. Cameroon are in Danger of missing out. Eto and company were shocked as the Japanese ran out 1-0 winners

Disappointed Cameroonians sit on the sidelines in Bloemfontein

Monday, October 25, 2010


Zak was in Durbs preparing for the Germnans vs Austrailia
Day three and Sunday in Johnnesburg was planned to be relaxing.And to be honest after Tuesday its been non stop action. So on Sunday morning we slept.I got up and headedto Sandton Square just to soak up the atmosphere and mingle with the fans and do some blogging from the England vs USA game.
My Correspondent KILLA was covering the Germany vs Austrailia game,Oz was at Serbia vs Ghana,
The lads met up later and well we chilled out in Sandton Square and watched the Germans crush the Ozzies and getting feeds from Killa, who described the atmosphere in Durban as purely Sublime and the place to be.
My other correspondent in Durban cuzzy Zak Loonat was also on the scene and the boys in Durbz were having a blast. Zak certainly was. It was also the first game at the Moses Mabida stadium at night. Durban had the weather. The Fan Zone on the beach front was fantastic.
Zak was partying with the Ozzies all day and described the Ozzies as pleasant and Jovial Supporters

Zak partying with the Ozzies on the beach front

Spectacular Moses Mabida Stadium gettingprior to Kick Off

Fans leave after Germany trounce Australia 4-0
The efficient German machine was evident as the Germans crushed the Ozzie's 4-0 in Durban. The Ozzie's I expected to give much more of a fight but this was a German Outfit that would prove to be one of the sides of the World Cup. The youngsters were coming up and the Germans started Strong. They were in a tough group that included Serbia and Ghana so this crushing victory against the Ozzie's was vital

Swoosh0018 Man on the Scene Zak Loonat provided the goods in Durban.



A sandcastle sculpture of the Moses Mabida stadium in Durban

Whilst in the festivities at Sandton Square, A signature Latte Licious Coffee goes down. We put down the Germany vs Austrailian game here.Nice Vibe

Whilst the boys were enjoying in Durban We soaked it up in Sandton and of course the Mexicans were creating....this time they were having a vocal slugfest with the Brazillians...Class

Mexican fans vs Brazilian Fans having it out in Sandton Square

Enjoying the fans in Sandton Square

The Slugfest was really heating up. Truely Entertaining

The Boys with our Argentine friend Javier

Meanwhile Oz went to Loftus in Pretoria and watched Ghana beat Serbia 1-0. The Ghanains looked strong and beat the Serbs by a single goal. Good start for them in a tough group.

Ghana vs Serbia
And in the 13.30 match Algeria lost 1-0 to Slovenia in Polokwane. The Slovenians arived in South Africa after eliminating Russia and they were vocal

Slovenia beat Algeria in Polokwane

And as the sounds of the fans faded into the night Nelson Mandela square began to quiet down. The lads all met up and well lets say Oz got lucky. He is a huge Arsenal fan and well he got to meet the Legend he always wanted to meet. Arsene Wenger. Good on you Oz. He met Wenger and we called it a night. We needed to reserve some energy. It was Holland vs Denmark at Soccer City and ofcourse for me Monday night was huge.My team Italy were to take on Paraguay in Cape Town. I had a ticket but couldnt make the trip so I gave it to my uncle in Cape Town

Faaiz  got to meet Arsene Wenger